Wooden bike is the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift – here’s why

5th wedding anniversary gift

Look – straight to the point. You have made it, you’ve met, decided that you want to be together forever, you’ve married and those 5 years in marriage have flown by. You have had the time of your life.

There’s just one problem – 5th wedding is supposed to be the one when you gift something made out of wood. What do you get? Set of dining room chairs? Some design element that will collect dust in some corner? Guitar?

We think that wooden bike happens to be the perfect gift for this occassion and here are our reasons.

Bikes are fun

Bike is freedom. It helps you beat both traffic on your way to work and boredom on weekends.

Bikes made of wood are even more fun

Their looks and feeling when you ride them don’t compare to any other bike.

Taking a bike ride is healthy

Here’s to a lot more years together – people who ride their bikes are healthier, happier and live longer. We won’t quote any data here – that’s just common sense.

Wooden bikes are unique

That gifts your friends and colleagues get their significant others will pale in oblivion compared to this one. People will look back, they’ll talk you up and you’ll be the coolest couple in the neighborhood. And you won’t even have to get a new one every year to keep up (iPhones, anyone?).

This will be an investment in your relationship

This will be one more thing that you can do together, that is fun, healthy and helps to strenghten your relationship. Everyone who gets to see or ride one of these bikes eventually can’t hide the smile from their face.

Wait no more

Here they are – choose yours. Or just take both and gift one for yourself too.

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