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About Materia

Here at Materia Bikes headquarters we take our work seriously. Safety and comfort is our mantra. We want you to feel safe when driving our wooden bikes thus every bike we make is tested both in computer simulations and in a certified laboratory – the EFBE Prüftechnik

The Company

Materia Bikes is a story of feelings, textures and a real thing. Touching the wood to feel the warmth of its body when curved  in the streamline of the wheel, to feel a gentle woody leather scent, to feel the coolness of the bracing metallic touch.
Do you remember your first bike ride? Each of us has his or her own story,  as  in the childhood it took us to the places where adventures were born. The feeling of freedom was given so that we could enjoy the moment.  It took us to the place to meet the girl from the class to lurk beneath the oak on a rainy afternoon and to stand closer to each other.
Wood and wheel. Wheel and wood. Wooden wheel. Out of the woods.

Our Ambassadors

Davis Bertans

Dāvis Bertāns is a Latvian professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

He also represents the Latvian national team. He was selected with the 42nd pick in the 2011 NBA draft. 

Nickname – Latvian laser

Maris Strombergs

We are proud to announce Maris Strombergs as a new ambassador for Materia Bikes. Maris is a professional BMX rider and arguably one of the greatest of all time. His dominance of the sport over the past decade has earned him the nickname of “The Machine”. A strong and powerful rider with a great attitude both on and off the track, we are looking forward to working on a number of projects with Maris.

2 x Olympic Champion – Beijing 2008 & London 2012

2 x World Champion

3 x European Champion

World Cup Champion

USA BMX Champion


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Toms Alsbergs

Hi! My name Toms Alsbergs and I am 10 time Red Bull Mini Drome champion and the World record holder for the fastest lap on the Mini Drome. Fixies are my life and I have been deeply involved in organizing fixed-gear events and promoting fixed-gear culture.

Together with the team from Materia Bikes we are committed to bringing you the best possible wooden fixed gear bikes. I love the result!

Kristaps Knops

Kristaps Knops is a Latvian Master cyclist and  former National team track cyclist who has been competing in races throughout  Europe for the last 17 years. We at Materia Bikes began our relationship with Kristaps in the early 2017 and it has turned out  to be a winning combination for this 32 year old cycling enthusiast- rising from 6th place in 2016 national ranking to winning a Silver medal in Latvian championship and 3rd place in the overall nationalranking.

The  Road bike Tempo has prooven itself to be a worthy companion for  K.Knops  as he has  covered around  10,000 km so far in 2017 in his training sessions and competitions.    Kristaps also clocked a top speed  of 120 km/h on his Road Bike Tempo – possibly the fastest anyone has ever ridden on a wooden bicycle.

Our Social Responsibility

Oskars Gailišs is a member of the Latvian Paralympic cycling team. After an unfortunate accident in 2004, his right leg was crushed. This left him unable to move his foot and his right leg itself was also 1cm shorter than the left.

In 2012 he started his active cycling career and the past five years he has continued to improve his performance and impress all his supporters.

Here At Materia Bikes we strive to achieve excellence like Oskars strives to improve himself. We are proud to be a sponsor and supporter of Oskars and wish him all the best on his road to Tokyo 2020.

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