Palomar Lochness Lock


Lochness lock - This “solid” lock can be easily molded into unusual shapes: bending the lock, wrapping it around your bike frame becomes a creative, unconventional and playful gesture. Thanks to its shapeshifting structure, you can secure your bike much more easily to bike racks and any other urban element. Not only a security tool but also an innovative way to give a personal touch to your bike. Twist it and go.

Product Specifi­ca­tions


  • 825 mm length
  • Ø 20 mm outer silicone
  • Ø 16 mm inner metal tube


  • silicone cover +
  • soft plastic terminals +
  • inner metal core

Technical features:

  • will not mark or scratch your bike frame
  • moldable to any shape adaptable to any part of your bike frame

Security rating:

  • innovative theft-resistant inner core
  • special bellows protecting any leverage point
  • High protection level compared to other cable locks
Patent pending MADE IN ITALY
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