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Kristaps Knops

Kristaps Knops is a Latvian Master cyclist and  former National team track cyclist who has been competing in races throughout  Europe for the last 17 years. We at Materia Bikes began our relationship with Kristaps in the early 2017 and it has turned out  to be a winning combination for this 32 year old cycling enthusiast- rising from 6th place in 2016 national ranking to winning a Silver medal in Latvian championship and 3rd place in the overall nationalranking.

The  Road bike Tempo has prooven itself to be a worthy companion for  K.Knops  as he has  covered around  10,000 km so far in 2017 in his training sessions and competitions.    Kristaps also clocked a top speed  of 120 km/h on his Road Bike Tempo – possibly the fastest anyone has ever ridden on a wooden bicycle