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The Materia Bikes Story. A Journey of Passion, Artistry, and Sustainability

Nearly a decade ago, a prototype of a unique wooden bicycle captured my heart

It happened at a Technical University student exhibition. As a passionate cyclist, I saw immense potential and approached the talented designer Kitija Gaile to turn her masterpiece into a business. We built our first city bike frame and sent it to a German testing lab, where it passed six impact and fatigue tests. Thus, our journey began.



It all began with a deep passion for cycling and a commitment to quality.

My name is Martins Zemītis, and starting a new venture at 40 was both thrilling and challenging.

We ambitiously developed five models: men's city, women's city, beach cruiser, single-speed, and road bikes. This approach was ambitious but the right decision.

My twenty years of business experience in managing fireplace retail stores and overseeing sales in 15 Central and Eastern European countries were invaluable. The journey with Materia Bikes has been anything but easy. We faced sleepless nights and technological setbacks, but I believed in our product and mission and refused to give up. This belief has paid off.

Our bikes are more than just means of transportation

they are masterpieces. Each wooden frame is unique, much like a fingerprint. In a world with millions of bicycles, only a select few are wooden, making our bikes extraordinarily special and rare. They symbolize luxury, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness.


Riding a Materia Bike is a unique experience

The wood absorbs road vibrations, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Owners of Materia Bikes can take pride in knowing they possess a rare and beautiful work of art that draws attention and admiration.

Martins Zemitis Materia Bikes

I am grateful to all more than 400 Materia Bikes owners for their choice and trust. Each bike is handcrafted with care, with every detail touched by the skilled hands of a master craftsman. My brother, an experienced carpenter, oversees production, making our venture familial and heartfelt.

Looking back, it has been an amazing journey, but the most exciting parts are still ahead.

Materia Bikes founder
Martins Zemitis